Welcome on my Wine Blog!

The real lady behind The Wineing Woman is Amanda Maynard (me, so I’m not going to keep talking in the 3rd person).

I’m 26 and working towards figuring out life and all it has to offer. Sometimes it’s about amazing wines and others it’s about what’s going on in my head.

I started this blog as solely a wine blog but as I’ve matured and grown it’s changed into more about life in general and less about the wine. That’s okay. The project that I started in January of 2009 lives on in this capacity.


My (Shameful) Pinot Noir Discovery

This week, I went to the liquor store and had Pinot Noir on the brain. There was a Taste Live event involving New York Pinot Noir that I wasn’t attending but it put the grape in my head.

I looked in the Pinot Noir section and I got to thinking about the Pinots I’ve had. Sure, I’ve had plenty at tastings and restaurants, but I realized that until that day in the liquor store, I had never bought myself a bottle of Pinot Noir.

Terribly ashamed, I quickly picked one out and brought it to the register. How could this possibly be?

I’ve bought crazy wines made from grapes I’d never heard of before but this wine mainstay had never made its way into my home. I’ve bought sparkling wine and rose’s made with the grape, but never just a straight up red Pinot Noir.

What on Earth was I even thinking? Maybe I wasn’t thinking and that was the problem. This juice is seriously good (Duh statement of the week right there).

Now, here’s where you come in. What are some good Pinots under $20-25? I’m going to dive in head first and get my bearings when it comes to Pinot Noir. I’m on the road to recovering from my gross oversight and need all the help I can get (seriously).