My Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

I’m from the Boston area and I’m ultra pale, so it’s pretty safe for you to assume that I originate from (at least partially) Irish heritage. A handful of generations ago, some of my family moved from Ireland over to PEI in Canada before coming down to settle in Boston. I’ve even been lucky enough to visit Ireland and can not wait to get back some day. So with that said, there are a few things me and my family have always done/enjoyed around this day.

New England Boiled Dinner: On Sunday, I went to my parent’s house to enjoy our yearly dinner of corned beef (cooked in beer), cabbage, carrots and potatoes with a loaf of soda bread. Now, in our house, we’ve always referred to this meal as New England boiled dinner. Corned beef originates from Ireland and obviously, we know potatoes are there, too. But the other main ingredient absolutely does not come from the Irish tradition. Cabbage was an element added to the meal when the Irish came to America but because my grandparents could remember being young and eating this same meal, it’s still traditional for us. After all, we’re Irish-Americans, so bits of both get in the mix and it’s a pretty solid combo.

I never wear green: I have this thing. I never wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day. It started in my rebellious high school years but it never changed and now I can’t recall any year when I’ve actually worn green. If you wear green to celebrate the day when everyone gets to be Irish: awesome! I just don’t. The day is good enough without a coordinated wardrobe with everyone else. Plus, as I mentioned, I’m super pale. I think we can all let that speak for itself.

My parents got married on this day: My parents got married on Saint Patrick’s Day 29 years ago. I’ve heard through the grape vine that they picked this day so my Dad would never forget their anniversary. While that’s funny and all, he doesn’t seem the type that would anyway. I think it’s just a good day for a celebration (obviously) so celebrating an anniversary fits right into the mix.

How I’m going to celebrate: I actually might take myself shopping tonight. I have a pile of gift cards left over from Christmas that I haven’t gotten around to using yet and there’s nothing that I have to do tonight. It’s not very traditional, but maybe since everyone will be out having a drink and toasting to being Irish (even for the day), maybe the mall will be less packed? Don’t worry, though. I have some Bailey’s at the house and will probably treat myself to something Irish in my glass when I get home and kick off my shoes. If not, there’s Irish pubs all over the area and we might even end up at one.

Cheers, everyone! Enjoy your day and whatever you do to celebrate!


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