No Events This Week!

It’s Tuesday morning and I officially have zero wine events in my calendar for the week. Last week, my calendar was completely clear, too. I like being able to relax and hang at home at night watching my beloved yet heartbreaking Bruins but it does feel a little weird to have nothing else.

As much as I complain about having too muchon my plate, it seems like it’s either on or off. A flood or a drought (No pun intended. The Boston area got pretty flooded due to marathon rain this weekend). Maybe I’ve felt like I need more balance because the frequency of event invitations is so inconsistent. Some weeks are packed with a number of things going on and others have nothing happening at all.

So here’s my question you the Boston area folks: Is here anything going on this week that’s cheap or free? Without stuff going on, I feel like there’s a little less to write and that makes me sad. I like writing this silly thing (even if it is just a silly thing) so let me know what’s going on for the tail end of March (besides Saint Patrick’s Day).


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