Weight Loss and Wine

At the end of March, I filled all of you in on my journey of losing weight. I said it then and I still kind of like to try to keep this thing limited to wine related stuff, but screw it.

I want to share this update with you so I’m going to. Knowing more about the (wo)man behind the curtain never hurt, right?

Since January, my life has been so different than the months before that. Now, two glasses of wine on a Wednesday night is something rarely even attempted, let alone commonplace.

Going out to eat is a bit more tedious because I actually care about the nutritional value of what I take in. Making my own food has taken a higher priority.

When we do go out, I more often order a salad instead of a sauce-covered piece of meat between bread. It might not have been want I wanted before, it’s what I want now.

I’ve actually found myself craving salads in a way that I’d only ever craved chocolate before. A deep, aching cry from deep within the fibers of my being just screams “I need vegetables!”

It’s good.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t found a balance between my life of wine consumption and calorie limitation, though. I still enjoy some pretty good wines.

I’m just doing it a little less often and when I do indulge, I’m having fewer glasses. I’m a little more selective and I’m not finding that to be a terribly bad thing. The lack of hangovers also isn’t a bad perk (of course with the exception of my Stanley Cup celebration). My mornings are better for it.

It’s not like I never splurge, either. In May, I traveled to Niagara, CAN for a wonderful iteration of TasteCamp North, and totally forgot for a few days what counting calories was like.

Granted, all of the food was amazingly local and fresh, so I wasn’t all that concerned with terrible gross additives or anything like that, but it was refreshing. I came back and was surprised that I hadn’t even gained anything back from some of those over-indulgences.

After all this babbling you probably want a numbers update, huh? Sure, sure. I’ll cave. In my last update I’d lost 25 pounds. I’m quite happy to report that as of this morning, that number is up to 38 pounds lost, meaning that I’m a mere 12 pounds from reaching my major goal of losing 50 pounds.

At this point, I’m pretty sure that I’ll take my weight loss further than that 50 pounds, but it’s going to be an amazing goal to reach before the end of 2011 (that’s really my only goal for a time table here).

Having made all of this progress, I have no doubts that I’ll get there and when I do, I’m going to look back on 2011 as one hell of a transformation year.

While I’ve been a little absent from this blog and from the wine scene, it’s not been a waste. Wine will always be a massive passion for me to enjoy and nerd out about. One day (hopefully soon) I’ll be able to fully dive back into this in the way that I once did. Until then, I’ll see you at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference next week!

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Jeff L. / Good Grape

Totally stoked for you Amanda. The one thing you didn’t mention, but that surely exists, is the incredible confidence you are building.

What you may have carried with you as a daily nuisance reminder of something you weren’t happy with is now an incredible piece of confidence rocket fuel. Yes, you kick ass and can do anything you set your mind to.

Stoked for your commitment to goal setting and achievement.


http://www.thewineingwoman.com/ Amanda Maynard
Thank you so much, Jeff! You’re spot on with the confidence piece, too. I’m definitely feeling hugely confident (in a good way) as this journey keeps moving forward. At first, losing 50 pounds seemed so massive that it might even be impossible. As I near closer and closer to reaching that goal, I’m convinced that nothing is impossible. It takes a while, but the gradual small achievements make the bigger picture all that much more rewarding.

It’s also extremely empowering to share this with the world. I want people (friends and strangers alike) that they could do this very same thing if they want. It just takes a lot of knowledge and consistency.

Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see you again in a few days!

http://twitter.com/janemaynard janemaynard (twfd)
great job, amanda! I’m VERY impressed!!!!! and I’m so glad that it’s making you happy. love ya!

http://www.thewineingwoman.com/ Amanda Maynard
Thank you, Jane! I think sharing this process is just as rewarding as actually making the changes in my life and myself.

http://twitter.com/IsaaksofSalem Isaaks of Salem LLC
Keep rocking it Amanda…and great work on your accomplishments so far! 38lbs…wow!

http://www.thewineingwoman.com/ Amanda Maynard
Thank you! It feels pretty good.

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