Women Smarties Drink More

It came out that a recent study showed that smart women drink more. I probably could have told you that. I drink nearly everyday and I’m a genius! (Hah! Yeah…)

Anyway, the possible reasons that the researchers came up with are good. Many smarties are waiting longer to have kids and many of us do work in male dominated industries, but I have a few other possible reasons to throw out there. I’m not an expert, but hey, I drink a lot.

These days, women in their 20s and 30s who are either unmarried or without kids have much more disposable income, making it way easier to get into going out or buying wine all the time. It’s easy to get used to that sort of lifestyle.

Who doesn’t love drinking expensive wines and cocktails? But I think it also hinges on the fact that women who work in higher positions often are under stress. That’s not just in the workplace, either.

Women tend to be the primary domestic force in a house, so the fact that she’s working 40-60 hours a week, making dinner, going to the gym, going out to socialize, and taking care of everything else also packs a punch.

When you’re under stress to be everything and do everything, having a few drinks really takes the edge off and makes it all that much more enjoyable to keep up the pace.

I could be way off the mark. Who knows. I think that there could be something to this, though. I like to fancy myself as one of the smart ones and this would at least give a reason why I drink most days of the week.

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